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NordLEI is the number 1 issuer of LEI codes in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. We are also the recipient of the prestigious award for the best-performing LEI issuer in the mid-cap segment for 2023, as recognized by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).

Since our inception, our goal has been to deliver LEI codes quickly, efficiently, and securely. We have rapidly become synonymous with excellent service, fast delivery, and the safe handling and storage of our customers' personal data.

NordLEI was the first LEI issuer in Scandinavia

Since pioneering our LEI service in 2014, we've become Scandinavia's first Local Operating Unit (LOU), positioning us to issue LEI codes directly. This autonomy allows us to streamline the registration process, ensuring everything is handled correctly and thus enabling our clients to focus on regulatory compliance.

During this time, we have supported over 160,000 customers in obtaining their LEI codes, demonstrating our commitment to being the premier provider in this field. Our approach ensures a seamless and superior customer experience, setting us apart from other providers.

Based in Stockholm, we prioritize the highest levels of security and quality, utilizing only Swedish servers. Our adherence to the strictest security protocols is underscored by our ISO 27001 certification in information security. This certification not only assures reliable LEI issuance but also the secure management of sensitive data, in line with GDPR regulations. This reflects our dedication to maintaining and enhancing our robust security measures, offering our clients the utmost confidence in our services.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide LEI codes that set the standard in data quality and security. Utilizing advanced technologies and stringent processes, we ensure the highest integrity and confidentiality in our services. As a 100% founder-owned company, we maintain a strong customer-focused approach, ensuring that our decisions always align with the best interests of those we serve.

On September 22, 2021, we reached an important achievement by becoming Scandinavia's first Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) accredited Local Operating Unit (LOU). This accreditation highlights our dedication to superior standards and enables us to offer more efficient and dependable services to our customers.

Our operations span ten jurisdictions, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands. This broad reach allows us to deliver tailored services, navigating the varied landscapes of these regions.

Additionally, our authorization to issue LEI codes for funds, in compliance with the ROC Policy on Fund Relationships, demonstrates our ability to manage complex financial structures. We provide specialized services designed to meet the specific needs of fund entities, showcasing our adaptability and expertise in this area.

Some of the organizations that recommend us to their clients.

The biggest clients

Our client base comprises many of the largest banks and financial institutions, evidencing our expertise and reliability in the industry. The diversity of our clientele showcases our capability to satisfy the requirements of intricate and challenging financial settings.

Beyond catering to these significant entities, we hold accreditation for issuing Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) for funds. This aligns with the Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) Policy on Fund Relationships. Our accreditation reflects our skill in managing complex regulatory demands and providing customized solutions for fund management.

Under regulatory supervision

We operate under the watchful eye of the The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY), previously known as the Swedish Data Protection Authority. This supervision guarantees the safety of your data. As your service provider, we handle your data with the highest level of care and respect.

Our products

We offer Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) codes with options for 1, 3, or 5 years of validity. For detailed information about our offerings, kindly explore our product page.

In compliance with the GDPR

We adhere rigorously to the GDPR standards, ensuring that your personal data is managed with the highest level of care and security.

Certified in ISO 27001 information security

This shows that we have established extensive security protocols to safeguard all information under our care, including your personal data. We consistently strive to uphold the highest security standards and continually enhance our processes and procedures.

Accredited for funds and advanced company types

We are one of the few providers of Legal Entity Identifiers to funds and foundations. With our vast range of services for many different types of companies, you can always be sure that we can validate your company and deliver a code.

Over 160,000 customers

Since we started in 2014, we have delivered LEIs to over 160,000 customers. This is a testament to our well-known quality, where we are top-ranked in register quality by GLEIF, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. GLEIF is the organization that oversees the issuance of LEI codes.


In 2023, NordLEI received the award for the best-performing LEI issuer in the Mid-Cap section from GLEIF. This accolade highlights our world-class data quality. Our services meet the highest standards, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in LEI issuance. Read more

The first LEI issuer in Scandinavia accredited by GLEIF

We are the first organization in Scandinavia to issue LEIs ourselves. This achievement involved meeting stringent criteria and undergoing evaluation and approval by GLEIF, which governs the LEI ecosystem.

NordLEI is incorporated as Nordic Legal Entity Identifier AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

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